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Jinggong automatic control instrument automatic Control instrument Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Jinggong automatic control instrument automatic Control instrument complete set Technology Development Company is a specialized production enterprise of flow measurement device, air volume measurement device and high and low pressure reaction kettle approved by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision, Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision and Dalian Municipal Bureau of Technical Supervision. Jinggong automatic control instrument is also a selected product of major electric power, chemical and metallurgical design institutes. "Jinggong automatic control instrument " is a Chinese brand product. For many years, our products are widely used in domestic and foreign petroleum, chemical, electric power, nuclear power, metallurgy, low-carbon environmental protection industries. Foreign markets are: Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Laos, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Colombia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uzbekistan, Morocco, South Sudan, Dubai, South Korea and other countries. Product quality has been recognized and highly valued by the majority of users at home and abroad!
The products of our company are:
1.ASME-PTC6 throat pressure test nozzle, ASME-PTC Venturi nozzle, ISO 5167 long diameter combined nozzle, ISO 5167 standard nozzle, ISO 5167 Venturi tube, Venturi desuperheater;
2.ISO 5167 high pressure lens orifice plate, ISO 51671 hammer 4 round orifice plate, ISO 5167 round hole plate, ISO 5167 eight groove orifice plate, ISO 5167 annular orifice plate, ASME multistage decompression orifice plate, ASME AGA current limiting orifice plate, ISO 5167 annular orifice plate, ISO 5167 patented steel ring combined orifice plate, ISO 5167 double orifice plate, ISO 5167 multi-stage current limiting orifice plate, adjustable orifice plate, wedge Flowmeter, inner cone Flowmeter and various angle spray nozzles;
3. Multi-point array anti-blocking wind measuring device, plug-in inner cone air volume measuring device, multi-point cross-section plug-in wind measuring device, built-in Venturi wind measuring device, plug-in Venturi wind measuring device, multi-throat diameter anti-blocking wind measuring device, plug-in porous air volume measuring device, coupled air volume measuring device, Weiliba wind measuring device;
4. GB GB/T150 high and low pressure reactor and other accessories: high temperature and high pressure instrument valve, three valve group, five valve group, condenser, isolation vessel, gas collector, balance vessel;
5. Complete sets of equipment, dashboard, instrument cabinet, incubator, high and low voltage switchgear, temperature switch, thermal resistance, thermocouple;
6.Acting American VALTEK electric regulating valve, American Omega volume Flowmeter, American nuclear plunger orifice plate A100, A300 series.
American Magnetrol guided wave radar, American AMETEK zirconia, British ROTORK actuator and ALCO high pressure instrument valve, American Swagelok instrument valve, German ASD800 transmitter, American Shortridge portable anemometer, American Rosemount differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, American Honeywell differential pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter.

Our company's quality policy: "always innovate, always improve, always develop, always provide customers with products in line with international standards, and always provide customers with perfect and thoughtful after-sales service!"
Our company has been appraised as "quality reputation Assurance Unit" by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision and Liaoning Provincial Technical Supervision Bureau, "Credit AAA Enterprise" by the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce of China, and "Credit abiding by contract and Credit Unit" by Dalian Bureau of Industry and Commerce. In 2000, our company has obtained GB/T19001-2008/ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and has been rated as AAA Credit Unit by China Enterprise Credit Management Association. The company's official website is also rated as a trusted website by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Our company has strong technical force, advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, well-built product quality and perfect after-sales service, which has been recognized and praised by users at home and abroad. Warmly welcome customers to our company to visit, study, negotiate orders.
Jinggong automatic control instrument