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Current limiting orifice plate(For price details, contact customer service via email)

1. The current limiting orifice plate is a kind of throttling device, but it is not used for measurement and there is no pressure hole.
2.The current limiting orifice plate is used to limit the flow of the fluid in the pipe or to reduce the pressure of the fluid in the fluid.
The structure can reduce the large flow to the small flow and the high pressure to the low pressure through two or more times of current restriction.
3. On the premise of meeting the process requirements, the current limiting orifice plate is used instead of the regulating valve to limit the flow rate or reduce the pressure.
4. Maintain measurement safety and adjust flow and pressure reasonably.
5. The current-limiting orifice plate can be divided into single stage and multi-stage according to the series, and flanged connection and welding according to the connection mode.
Types Instrument
Specifications One
Color Gray (can be sprayed according to customer requirements)
Model JG2202
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Jinggong automatic control instrument