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1.ASME nozzle is a kind of high-precision flow measurement device, which is a long-diameter nozzle device with low β value in the throat.
2.It is often used to measure the main flow of power plant, such as the accurate measurement of condensate flow of power plant, the measurement of feed water flow or steam flow of power plant.
3. It is suitable for high precision flow test such as steam turbine performance test, compressor performance test and so on.
4. It adopts a special way of taking pressure (throat pressure) on the basis of the long diameter nozzle, so that the flow sensor not only has the advantages of the traditional long diameter nozzle, but also has the unique advantages of stable outflow coefficient and high repeatability.
5. Save energy, reduce consumption, reduce pollution and increase efficiency.
Types ASME nozzle
Specifications One
Color Gray (can be sprayed according to customer requirements)
Model JG2203
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